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The best way to communicate with a creditor is in writing, with a certified letter. The letter provides YOU with the physical verification of all disputes, challenges, threats, agreements, etc…that you have received from or sent to any creditor or collector. The certified receipt proves you mailed it and that the creditor or 3rd party you sent it to got your letter.  I was disputing an account in court and the creditor’s attorney said “we have no record of this information nor have we ever received any letter from this person or anyone on this account.” Because I had written letters, sent them certified mail, & kept a copy on file, I was able to show the previous 3 letters I had sent. The certified receipt proved they got the letters and did nothing. That case was dismissed. Is it easy? NO. But, it will save you a lot of stress and in many cases be helpful if you ever go to court.

We have available on this website a large selection of “form letters” that can be used as templates. These templates are for you and are to be edited to fit your individual situation and issues for a particular creditor/collector.  These letters have actually been used and were used when dealing with banks, credit card companies and collection agencies. They have successfully lead to the resolution of disputes, ending of harassing phone calls, canceling accounts, verbal threats, working with original creditors, credit report discrepancies, and much more.
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