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This USLegal Debt Relief domain contains information that can help you communicate with creditors & collectors. Many times people are scared to answer the phone, because they don’t have the money and they know they can’t make any payments right now.  What do you do?  This website helps you work with your creditors.

  • Do you have a collector calling you?  
  • Do you have a snotty, demanding collector calling or threatening you about a bill?
  • Did you get a letter from a collection company and not sure what to do?   
  • Are you facing a foreclosure?
  • Do you need an attorney?
  • Are you being sued by a third party debt collection company?
  • Are you getting harassing phone calls from creditors at home or at work?
  • Are you being harassed by a bill collector on a bill that is not yours or you have already paid off?
  • Have you looked at your credit report and found things to be wrong or not yours?
  • Are you trying everything you know to get things taken care of—but they say it isn’t good enough?
  • Do you feel like there’s no way to fight back?

If you are facing credit problems with creditors, collection agencies, credit reporting bureaus or other credits issues and you are looking for help — we have the forms and information to help.


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